New Greyhound Scenicruiser book available Spring 2013

by Tom on June 21, 2012

Greyhound Scenicruiser: Tribute to a Lost Era in American TravelOur new Greyhound Scenicruiser book will be available Spring of 2013. SORRY WE ARE SOLD OUT OF COPIES! BOOK IS STILL AVAILABLE THROUGH ICONOGRAFIX (PUBLISHER) OR AT AMAZON.COM
The book will be paperback 376 photos. 70% color, 30% black & white. 112 pages. around 9000 words text. Published by Iconografix. Complete detailed history covering every aspect of the amazing Greyhound Scenicruiser start to finish. Historical never before seen photos as well as modern day “where are they now” photos. Super rare memorabilia collection photos too.

Guaranteed fun book to own !

Book Description
Publication Date: March 1, 2013
When we deem things iconic, they have naturally become part of history and have earned a permanent status of importance to us—one such object is a particular intercity coach, the Greyhound PD-4501 Scenicruiser bus, built by the GM Corporation during 1954-`56. After nearly 60 years, its popularity, even today, is almost cult-like. Throughout the history of intercity coaches in the U.S., there have not been more toys, advertising pieces, souvenirs, or memorabilia centered on any other bus. The Scenicruiser starred in several movies, was featured on record album covers, and appeared on endless TV shows through the years. Starting with prototypes, this book covers all the various models of the Scenicruiser’s heritage, and even highlights many of the restored and still operating legends today.


Tom McNally & Fred Rayman

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Larry Birch February 1, 2013 at 6:54 pm

I have been a Yellow Coach, General Motors, Greyhound, Market Street Railway, and Raymond Loewy fanatic for as long as I can remember. At the age of seventy-eight, I can remember back quite aways. I rode one of the early Market Street Railway Yellow’s that replaced the Castro Cable Car (I found that out recently whan I bought an old ad reprint) and ran to the Marina. If it was all the same line, it started to replace the Divisadero street car, as well. This was delayed by World War II. When MUNI took over, eventually the Marina part was switched to the Fillmore line. At around the same time we would ride brand new Silver Sides to my aunt and uncle in Napa. One night, coming home, they put on an extra bus that had the motor in front. I think it was probably a “Streamliner”, the last of the front-engined Yellows bought by Greyhound.
At about the same time, when the Golden Gate Bridge opened, we rode a Cruiser to California Park. We then moved to Marin County where I rode all sorts, including the U. S. Navy buses that were mixed in with the similar Greyhound TDM-45′s. When I was in the Marine Corps during the Korean War, I rode many Silversides back and forth to Los Angeles. Then transferred to a variety to go on to San Diego or Camp Pendleton, including Cruisers, PD-4103′s, and ACF-Brill IC-37/41′s. I have some nice photographs, including the helicopter model by the aforementioned. My address will be on my PayPal payment. I finished up with new look Greyhounds in San Mateo County. They would sometimes run parlor cars on the commute lines, including Silver Sides and the “Buffalos”, the last GMC’s bought by Greyhound.

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